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Exposure to natural elements such as rain and storms can over the course of a year lead to damage to your chimney. Your chimney being partly responsible for keeping fresh and clean air inside your home, needs to be maintained regularly. It’s an essential part of your house’s heating and cooling system.

Cracks and chips in the chimney’s brick walls will grow over time and can enable moisture and thus water damage to enter your home, often leading to mold growth. Furthermore, ignoring chimney maintenance could lead to the structure of your building becoming unsafe due to the increased risk of chimney collapse.

As you can see, ignoring maintenance will lead to costly repairs. Brick Line Masonry’s crew masters chimney masonry building and restoration, enabling us to provide you with a thorough inspection to evaluate potential damage present in all areas, including hidden ones, guaranteeing your building stays secure and dazzling.

Landscape masonry, another term for hardscaping is essentially comprised of non-living elements of landscaping such as brick, concrete, or stone.

Landscape masonry can truly become an asset through the purpose it serves. Walkways, patios, retaining walls, dividers and even archways add value to your property, are decorative and often functional features, that can facilitate entertainment as well as become safe pathways to tour your landscaped property.

Beautiful landscape masonry starts with a striking, timeless design that complements your home. At Brick Line Masonry we have the competence and knowledge to select the suitable design, material and construction method to best accomplish your masonry project ensuring it’s beauty, durability and functionality.

Looking to drastically improve the value of your home and have a better potential for outdoor entertainment? Brick Line Masonry is here to help!

Patios are the base of many living spaces. It’s where you’ll place kitchens, grills, outdoor fireplaces, reading nooks, and install deck chairs to entertain family and friends.

Bricks, pavers, and natural stone patios all come with different advantages and disadvantages. Our crew can break down the particularities of each material to you, while keeping in mind the specifics of your future landscape. Only when you’re fully satisfied with your patio project will we send out expert stone masons to install your patio.

Just because retaining walls serve a purpose doesn’t mean they have to be boring. They provide structure to large areas of dirt and be an attractive focal point of your property.

Usually connected by natural stone, brick, or paver steps they’re commonly used to transform hills or sloped sections of your landscape into two or more level areas. Furthermore, the wall(s) will act as a natural barrier to prevent soil erosion and possible landslides. In some cases, patio constructions may need a retaining wall in order to maintain a level surface atop a sloping backyard.

Unless you want your retaining wall to fall apart over time hiring a crew that can carefully plan, design, and execute its construction is vital. Brick Line Masonry has the most competent retaining wall contractors who can bring your vision to life.

Walkways are a great way to aesthetically connect parts of your landscape and safely tour it. What’s more, it can make your property or home more appealing thus increasing its value.

Beyond making it safer for you and your guests, creating stable and level walkways, thus leveling areas around your home, will make the yearly seasons more manageable. Furthermore, paired with a backyard, walkways are a simple way to increase your entertainment space.

Our crew works together to create, design, and install a natural-looking or more formal -depending on your needs, walkway that’s durable and looks great all season long.

Masonry steps are extremely durable which is why they will often last you a lifetime.

Some materials that can be used to build steps include brick, decorative interlocking block, precast concrete, stone veneer. The material you decide to use will often affect the installation method.

Elements of a stairway include stair tread width and noser shape, stairways riser, balusters, landings, and stairs walls. If you’re replacing existing steps the outer shell is usually torn to the foundation at ground level. If possible, the existing footing and foundation will be reused as that is often more cost-effective.

Our highly skilled and professional team will take care of designing, building, and installing your masonry steps.

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever the effects of weather and time can and will take a toll on any buildings which will lead to deterioration.

Each project’s unique restoration needs are taken into account and, each step in the restoration process is designed and executed with great detail. Our expertise allows us to manage quality, project timeline, and the budget perfectly. Our team can deal with every aspect of the job, handling each phase of the project from scaffold installation to intricate stonework.

Our highly skilled masons make us a leader in the masonry restoration industry and ensure our customers get the high-quality service they deserve.

Water damage deterioration can lead to very costly and severe damage. Regular maintenance by professionals is thus essential to keep your property watertight.

Caulking compounds and sealants are used to fill cracks and cavities to prevent water penetration in the joints and cavities of the building. Before sealing or waterproofing any masonry or concrete surface, a qualified caulking contractor should be called to inspect the joints, open cavities and structure of the building. These will then need to be sealed with a good quality grade commercial silicone or urethane caulk and sealants.

Our professional, dependable and skilled caulking crew can handle any job given to them while making your satisfaction a priority. Whether you’re a residential or commercial customer we can help!

At Brick Line Masonry regardless of the building material, we recommend you perform ongoing maintenance on your building to minimize exterior damage. Changing weather such as sunlight, rain or snow will generally break down and deteriorate building facades, leading to safety issues.

Beyond reducing unexpected repair costs, proper façade maintenance will help conserve your property’s value. Well executed water-based cleaning methods are the least invasive types of facade cleaning. A low to medium pressure spray is applied to the surface of the building with the water pressure starting out low and gradually increasing as needed. This removes all dirt and debris from the surface and opens up the pores so that a sealer, topping or coating can be applied.

Hiring a capable crew is essential as selecting the improper method and/or treatment will likely scar the building and may permanently damage its finer historical elements.

Although exceptionally durable masonry construction needs to be maintained to withstand the test of time.

Storms, rain, snow, and so on will take their toll on buildings, causing deterioration of mortar, cracks, and sometimes deteriorate the masonry. Our highly skilled masons can perform all aspects of masonry repair and restoration including historic renovations. Our vast masonry experience allows us to perform all aspects of your masonry historic restoration needs including brick repair, brick matching, brick replacement, stone replacements, chimney repair, caulking, stone matching, and many more.

No matter the service, our priority remains the same, providing our customers with the highest quality craftsmanship in a timely manner, while respecting their budget.

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